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How To Play Texas Holdem Poker

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Texas poker is a game for studs. It is one the simplest and best game among other poker games. It is easy to learn, one can learn Texas holdem poker game in few minutes and able to play it in few hours.  People can play online poker Texas holdem game. . It is recommended to the beginners that first they play online Texas holdem poker game before investing their real money in the game. Details are as follow to Texas Holdem Poker  here :

  • The very first step is known as posting. In this step players take the move according to the antes and the blinds. There is a requirement of the initial amount to start the game.
  • Dealer mix up the fifty two cards on the standard deck.
  • There are two pocket cards or hold cards and each player have to face down his or her two private cards.
  • From left of the blind the betting round starts. It is known as per flop betting. It is like other poker games in which player has to make a call, fold or raise.
  • In burn card the dealer remove the top card from the deck. This step is done by the dealer to stop the cheating in the game.
  • In the flop dealer turn over three cards face up on the deck. These are common cards which anyone can use to make the poker hand.
  • Player at the left side of the dealer starts another betting round.
  • In turn the dealer burn again and turn over the cards.
  • In river dealer burn the card and at last face the card on the deck.
  • There is a final round of betting.
  • At the last there is a showdown time.
  • The player who has the best hand wins the game.

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